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Technology and Sector specific Studies

  • Technological sovereignty, strategic autonomy and further related concepts: Investigating the links to innovation [1]

    Following various changes in the global geopolitical landscape, there is an increasing call for securing technological, but also digital sovereignty. Edler et al. (2020) define technology sovereignty as "the ability of a...

  • Research on innovation-based start-ups [2]

    Start-ups are an important driver in successful innovation systems. We are looking for new approaches and data sources in getting access to statistical analyses of start-ups at the regional, national and global level....

  • Drivers and impacts of Open Source [3]

    We are looking for theses which investigate drivers for open source software, e.g. hosted at GitHub, and open source hardware. There are large databases of commits contributed to GitHub, which can be connected to further...

  • Public Procurement and Machismo in Costa Rica: do female procurement officers allocate more contracts to female-managed firms? [4]

    The project aims to examine the relationship between the procurement officer and the gender of the CEO of a firm that wins a public contract. The International Trade Center (ITC) estimated that currently women-owned businesses...

  • Public Procurement and Innovation in Costa Rica [5]

    The project aims to examine quantitatively the connection between firms’ participation in public procurement and their innovation activity. Thus far, the literature has established a conceptual link between public procurement and...

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Standardization [6]

    Contact: Knut Blind. We are looking for Master students interested in investigating the relationship between AI and standardization. On the one hand, we are in particular interested in the implications of AI on future topics in...

  • Produkt- und Dienstleistungsinnovationen in der Energiewirtschaft [7]

    Contact: Cem Misirlioglu. Die deutschen Unternehmen im leitungsgebundenen Energiemarkt erfahren seit der Liberalisierung einen bedeutenden Wandel, dessen Begründung in der Deregulierung ehemals monopolistischer Märkte liegt...


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Technology and Sector specific Studies [10]

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Further theses of Faculty VII can be found here [28].

Guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics [30]

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