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  • Standards as the key determinant for implementing Industry 4.0 technology successfully? [1]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Smart Factory, cyber-physical systems, networks of intelligents, communicating objects, big data... - The list of topics discussed in the context of Industry 4.0 is extensive. A key question thereby is...

  • Stand der technischen Normung in ausgewählten Entwicklungs- und/oder Schwellenländern. [2]

    Contact: Michael Nauruschat. Die Teilnahme an der technische Normung ist ein wesentliches Vehikel für den Transfer von Wissen zwischen Ländern. Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländer stärken dabei ihre technologische Kompetenz und...

  • Different Master theses on IPR issues [3]

    Contact: Dr. Claudia Tapia. In cooperation with the Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services Ericsson we offer a variety of topics related to intellectual property issues...

  • Master Thesis on ICT markets (funding opportunities available) [4]

    Contact: Tim Pohlmann. We are currently offering a topic for a master thesis for a student who studies economics, business or related fields. We offer a salary on the basis of 800€ per month (over a period of 6 month). The...

  • Migration and Innovation [5]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Due to various positiv and negative reasons more and more people resettle and move to other countries and cultures. This is especially interesting for innovation and entrepreneurship. How do immigrants ...

  • Regional Innovation Policy: Berlin as an innovative location [6]

    Contact: Knut Blind. This thesis can use data from the Berlin Innovation Panel (BIP) to study the apsects of the regional cluster of Berlin.

  • Entwicklung und Perspektiven der europäischen Zertifizierungslandschaft für Security-Produkte und -Dienstleistungen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts [7]

    Contact: Dr. Simone Wurster. Im Rahmen der Arbeit sollten v.a. die folgenden Aspekte betrachtet werden: Bedeutung von sicherheitsrelevanten Ereignissen, Standards, Regulierung und Akkreditierung,Verbesserungspotentiale und...

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Further theses of Faculty VII can be found here [37].

Guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics [39]

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