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Innovation Policy

  • Innovation and distribution issues / inequality [1]

    Innovation is mostly seen as something positive for economic and also societal development. It is conceived as worthy of support, meaning policy makers have been enthusiastically promoting innovative activities. However,...

  • Research on innovation-based start-ups [2]

    Start-ups are an important driver in successful innovation systems. We are looking for new approaches and data sources in getting access to statistical analyses of start-ups at the regional, national and global level....

  • Quantifying User Innovation [3]

    Possible Topics: 1. Indicators for User Innovation 2. User Innovation in collaborative online communities 3. The relevance of user innovation for companies

  • Identification of breakthrough innovation [4]

    Contact: Prof. K. Blind Recently, Germany has established an agency for the support of breakthrough innovations (Sprunginnovationen). https://www.bmbf.de/de/agentur-fuer-sprunginnovationen-9677.html We are looking for Master...

  • The Role of Regulations for Business Modell Innovation [5]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Business Modell Innovation have been gained increasing attraction both by academics and practitioners in industry. Since this type of so comprehensive covering both value creation and value...

  • Regulatory Sandboxes [6]

    Contact: Knut Blind. The increasing speed of science and technology is challenging the existing regulatory frameworks and increases the likelihood that regulations are obstacles to innovation. Therefore, the European...

  • Public Procurement and Machismo in Costa Rica: do female procurement officers allocate more contracts to female-managed firms? [7]

    The project aims to examine the relationship between the procurement officer and the gender of the CEO of a firm that wins a public contract. The International Trade Center (ITC) estimated that currently women-owned businesses...

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Further theses of Faculty VII can be found here [32].

Guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics [34]

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