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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Standardization [1]

    Contact: Knut Blind. We are looking for Master students interested in investigating the relationship between AI and standardization. On the one hand, we are in particular interested in the implications of AI on future topics in...

  • Interaction between standardization and environmental policy [2]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Regulation has been the traditional instrument of policy makers to protect the environment. However, the so called New Approach (Link hinterlegen www.newapproach.org) organizes the interplay between...

  • Open source software (OSS) & Standardization [3]

    Contact: Knut Blind. In the context of current advances in technology, open source software (OSS) implementation is, in addition to standards, also driving innovation, and is becoming increasingly widespread, in particular in...

  • The role of innovation and standards in global value chains [4]

    Contact: Knut Blind. The traditional trade of goods is on the one hand more and more complemented by direct investments in the target countries for export and on the other hand further differentiated within so-called global ...

  • Standards as the key determinant for implementing Industry 4.0 technology successfully? [5]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Smart Factory, cyber-physical systems, networks of intelligents, communicating objects, big data... - The list of topics discussed in the context of Industry 4.0 is extensive. A key question thereby is...


All Topics [6]

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Technology and Sector specific Studies [8]

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Regulation [10]

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Quality Infrastructure [12]

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Digitalization [14]

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Standardization [16]

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Intellectual Property Rights [18]

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Innovation Policy [20]

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Open Innovation [22]

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Sustainable Innovation [24]

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Further theses of Faculty VII can be found here [26].

Guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics [28]

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