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  • The use of (Enterprise) Social Networks in the Public Sector and its Impact on Innovation / Networked Government [1]

    Contact: Knut Blind. Fields of Study: Management, economics, business administration, engineering background (e.g. ICT)Topic: Enterprise social networking (ESN) focuses on the use of online social networks or social relations...

  • The interaction between innovation and the sharing economy [2]

    Contact: Knut Blind. The concept of the sharing economy contributes certainly to sustainability. However, we are looking for works which analyse both the conceptual and empirical linkages between the various types of the sharing...

  • Resilience and innovation [3]

    Contact: Knut Blind. We understand resilience as the capacity of complex socio-economic or socio-ecological systems to continually change and adapt, but remain within critical thresholds. Consequently, resilience is closely...

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Sustainable Innovation [28]

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Further theses of Faculty VII can be found here [30].

Guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics [32]

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