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Innovation Policy

Demand Driven Innovation

Friday, 05. January 2018

Contact: Dr. Tim Pohlmann. [1]

Fields of Study: Management, economics or combined engineering background

Open standards (LTE, Wifi, HTML, MPEG, etc.) are crucial to allow systems to communicate on a commonly agreed technology specification. Standards thus foster interoperability and generate a platform that supports a level playing field for all market participants. A standardized technology platform may abolish market entry barriers and reduce the risk for new investments. An open standards policy will thus increase competition among alternative ICT solutions. We rely on the literature of demand driven innovation (Edler and Georghiou, 2007; Aschhoff and Sofka, 2009, OECD 2011), where public procurement constitutes a major example as a source and subsidiary of innovation. For many firms (e.g. Microsoft) the public sector represents an important customer and income channel for realizing innovative projects. Policy strategies that regulate public procurement are thus key determinants for innovation policy.

Research Questions: 
1. How did policy changes influence public procurement announcements and the reference of ICT standards?  2. How did different notions on the definition of open referenced standards among countries influence public procurement announcements and awarding?  3. What is the effect of standard essential patents on the likelihood of a standard to be referenced in public procurement announcements?  4. What is the effect of proprietary or patented standards on the efficiency and innovativeness on developing technology infrastructure in procurement projects?

Possiblilties of cooperation:
Microsoft Inc.

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