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Dear Students, 

welcome to the teaching pages of the Chair of Innovation Economics.

Our courses focus on the tension field between the theoretical models of innovation economics and their empirical application, alternating between prospects of economics and business studies. In addition, patents and standards are presented as strategic tools within economy and society. Our teaching program is complemented by regular guest lectures held by representatives from industry, academia and government as well as teaching collaborations with industry partners.

In the boxes below you can find all the courses of our chair at a glance. On the sidebar you can reach each course individually.

Structure of courses offered

Basically, our chair offers ten courses from various fields. The curriculum is modularized and consists of the following courses:

More information on the course Strategische Normung can be found here.

Courses offered
3833 L 9216
Digital Innovation
Prof. Blind / Mr. Böhmecke-Schwafert
summer term*
L 270
Innovation Economics
Prof. Blind / Ms. Rochell
winter term
0832 L 275
Innovation Policy
Prof. Blind / Ms. Rochell
summer term
0832 L 293
Sustainable Innovation
Prof. Blind / Dr. Quitzow / Mr. Scheifele
winter term
0832 L 276
IP Management
Prof. Blind / Mr. Scheifele
winter term
0832 L 274
Standardization and Sustainability
Prof. BlindScheifele
summer term
0832 L 295
Quality Infrastructure Management
Prof. Blind / Ms. KochMr. Ashari
winter term
0832 L 283
Seminar: Open Source und IP in der digitalen Gesellschaft
Mirko Böhm
winter & summer term*
0832 L 272
Strategische Normung
Mr. Behrens
winter & summer term*
0832 L 285
Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Ms. Rochell / Mr. Pohlisch /Mr. Böhmecke-Schwafert
summer term

* The module must be completed in one semester.

How to approach us:



The curriculum of the Chair of "Innovation Economics" is particularly aimed at students of industrial engineering, economics and business administration, but it is also open to students from other programs. Students from other disciplines will be asked to clarify the eligibility of our courses in advance with the staff of our chair or the appropriate academic program counselor.

Interesting Informations about teaching and research at the Chair

Here you can find some interesting links about the teaching and research at the Chair of Innovation Economics:


We thank you for your interest in our program.

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