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  • Green industrial policies in developing countries- State of play [1]

    Many middle and low-income countries are employing industrial policies to reap also socio-economic benefits such as local innovation and employment as part of the renewable energy deployment in their countries. There is a lot of...

  • Measuring innovation in the solar PV sector [2]

    The solar photovolatic sector has been a sector with rapid technological developments in the past decade. Manufacturing capacities have been increasingly concentrating in the East and South-East Asian economies. To capture also...

  • Technological sovereignty, strategic autonomy and further related concepts: Investigating the links to innovation [3]

    Following various changes in the global geopolitical landscape, there is an increasing call for securing technological, but also digital sovereignty. Edler et al. (2020) define technology sovereignty as "the ability of a...

  • Empirical analysis of compliance with the trade rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) [4]

    With increasing geopolitical uncertainties and changing policy patterns, the occurrence of trade conflicts must be expected to increase. For Germany and the EU, this means that trade relations with other countries must...

  • Research on innovation-based start-ups [5]

    Start-ups are an important driver in successful innovation systems. We are looking for new approaches and data sources in getting access to statistical analyses of start-ups at the regional, national and global level....

  • How peer communities advance sustainable innovations [6]

    How peer communities advance sustainable innovations Innovation studies have traditionally focused on firm activities. However, enabled by digital technologies, peer collaboration has become an essential element of innovation...

  • Drivers and impacts of Open Source [7]

    We are looking for theses which investigate drivers for open source software, e.g. hosted at GitHub, and open source hardware. There are large databases of commits contributed to GitHub, which can be connected to further...

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