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Inhalt des Dokuments

Intellectual Property Rights

Open source software (OSS) & Standardization

Freitag, 05. Januar 2018

Contact: Knut Blind.

In the context of current advances in technology, open source software (OSS) implementation is, in addition to standards, also driving innovation, and is becoming increasingly widespread, in particular in the area of ICT standards. The European Commission considers the integration between open source projects and standards development processes as a win-win situation, because on one side the alignment of open source and standardisation can speed-up the standards development process and the take-up of ICT standards and on the other side standards can provide for interoperability of open source software implementations. However activities in this direction within different SDOs are only starting. Although open source and standardisation processes both have similarities in common (e.g. collaborative open processes, contribution to innovation), several differences (IPR policies, agility, maintenance, transparency, balance of the processes etc.) hinder the coexistence of both modes. Therefore, further research is needed to investigate the interaction between open source community projects and SDOs processes.


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