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Information about exams

How do I register for the exams?

The official registration for a module is primarily done via the QISPOS system. If you are unable to register via this system, you must register at the examination office using a “yellow sheet”. The deadlines for registering for the examination will be shared during the first lecture.

All exchange students: Please register using the application form on the respective course website. No further registration is needed. You will be able to collect your Schein (via mail, E-Mail, or in person) after the exam results are published.

Please note that you have to be formally accepted according to the application procedure of the course in order to be considered for grading.


By when do I have to register for the final exam?

In general, deadlines for the exam registration will be announced in the first lecture of the respective course. Further, the deadlines will be posted on the respective ISIS course page. Please understand that we have to strictly follow these deadlines.


Is attendance during the exercises mandatory?

In general, attendance is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended to attend both lectures and exercises, as the exams usually include questions related to the lectures as well as the exercises. Furthermore, for some courses there might be graded portfolio elements that are based on the content of the exercise sessions. Finally, it is simply a question of genuine motivation and politeness to join the sessions, as we have many excellent external speakers and guests sharing their knowledge and experience without any obligation.


How does the grading scheme look like?

For all portfolio elements in the courses we apply the official grading scheme of the Faculty of Economics and Management:

Grading scheme


What happens if I have already completed a portfolio element (e.g. presentation of a homework) but do not take the written examination?

In this case, you have to submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office and inform us informally about the sickness. If you do not provide a medical certificate to the Examniation office, the portfolio element “written assignment” will be regarded as not passed (0 points). Depending on the grading scheme of the respective course your final grade will then be determined.

Please note that recission from a module is not possible after a part of the portfolio examination has been completed.


Is it possible to take an oral examination instead of the written examination?



Do all portfolio elements of a portfolio examination have to be repeated if a single deliverable is not passed?

No, the performance (i.e. the amount of points) of a portfolio element is maintained and cannot be changed (i.e., deleted or improved) anymore. A module is graded as passed if you were able to collect 50% of the total points of all deliverables.


What happens if I do not pass an element of the portfolio examination?

There is no “Pass” or “No Pass” for the elements of the portfolio examinations. In each portfolio element, a certain amount of points can be reached. All points are summed up and weighed according to the weight of the portfolio element. Subsequently, the grade is calculated based on the faculty’s official grading scheme.


The portfolio examination consist of:

  1. Exam (max. 40 points) which accounts for 40% of the final grade.
  2. Presentation (max. 40 points) which accounts for 40% of the final grade.
  3. Multiple choice Test (max. 20 points) which accounts for 20% of the final grade.

If you receive full points for the presentation and Multiple Choice test, you will still pass the course, even if you for example receive 0 points for the final exam.


If I do not pass the exam on the first exam date, can I repeat the exam?

There is no second exam date.


Is it possible to take the written exam of a module in a semester in which the module is not offered?



Is it possible to change one's mind later in the semester and not take the exam on the date offered?

As soon as you have completed your exam registration successfully, you can not step back from the portfolio examination. Exception for partial deliverables: A medical certificate.


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