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Quality Infrastructure Management (6 ECTS) - WS 2020/2021

Quality Infrastructure Management
7351 L 20
02/11/20 - 27/02/21
Prof. Blind / Mrs. Koch / Mrs. Mirtsch
L 296
02/11/20 - 27/02/21
Prof. Blind / Mrs. Koch / Mrs. Mirtsch

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How can be ensured that digital devices are interoperable? How can developing countries upgrade their production and integrate into global value chains? How can technological transfer and the diffusion of new technologies be supported? How can consumers be protected from hazardous goods?

The answer to those questions lies in an effective and efficient quality infrastructure. This institutional framework contributes to product safety, consumer protection and free trade. The course is intended to give the students a broad overview concerning elements and actors of the quality infrastructure at national, European and international level. It unveils the interplay between governmental regulation, European and international standards, product certification, accreditation, metrology, and market surveillance. The course explores how the different elements build on each other creating an efficient and effective system that contributes to innovation, trade, sustainability, and economic development.

The course specifically highlights challenges and opportunities for quality infrastructure worldwide that come with digitalization.

General Information

To not only provide the theoretic foundations of the topic but also to allow for practical and application-oriented insights, many of our lectures will be given by practitioners from Quality Infrastructure institutions and companies. They will cover topics such as 5G standardization, market surveillance practices, international standardization in the electro-technical domain, the use and impact of ecolabels for sustainability, the foundations of correct measurements, or the use of internal standards in a big automotive company. While this will sharpen the view for the broad relevance of the topic for our daily lives and the economy, it specifically raises awareness for the role of QI in the student’s future career.


The course consists of weekly lectures. There will be a final exam and an assignment to be written on a QI related topic (team work).


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