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Lupe [1]

„QI-FoKuS“ stands for „Quality Infrastructure – Research for Conformity Assessment and Safety“. Supported by the BMWi, a new recurring survey of companies and conformity assessment bodies was launched under this name in end-September 2019 in a joint project between the TU Berlin and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM).

The first company survey dealt with the use and certification of management systems with a special focus on information security and the criteria for the selection of certification bodies. The results will be published shortly.

New: Corona Monitor - Survey on conformity assessment in the corona pandemic

The new "Corona Monitor" in the context of QI-FoKuS aims to survey and analyze the effects of the corona pandemic on the business operations of conformity assessment bodies and conformity assessment in general in Germany. Conformity assessment bodies of all kinds will be therefore surveyed about their situation and prospects. In particular, this survey should also provide insights into the resilience of the industry. In addition, it will not only look into the economic effects but also the effects on digitalization for the conformity assessment industry. It is planned to repeat this survey at intervals in order to identify possible dynamic developments in the course of the corona pandemic and to be able to inform interested parties in a timely manner.

Quality Infrastructure (QI) is defined as “the system comprising the organizations (public and private) together with the policies, relevant legal and regulatory framework, and practices needed to support and enhance the quality, safety and environmental soundness of goods” (UNIDO) [2]. It makes use of various elements that have different functions in this system.

Graph on National Quality Infrastructure
Lupe [3]

While the German Standardization Panel (DNP) [4] is an annual survey of companies on the subject of standardization, QI-FoKuS is intended in particular to create a better, long-term data basis in order to better understand the benefits of conformity assessment and accreditation and to identify trends.    

Further information on the QI-FoKuS initiative can be found here: www.qi-fokus.de [5]


Mona Mirtsch, M.Sc.
49(0)30 8104 – 4485
Room H 4140 A
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Chair of Innovation Economics
+49(0)30 314 – 76670
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