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The Economic Benefits of Standardization


The role of standards in the dissemination/diffusion of technical knowledge and their resulting contribution to continual economic growth have already been demonstrated in past studies. For the time period between 1961 and 1996, calculations showed that the information contained in standards and technical rules was responsible for 1% of Germany‘s gross national product (1998: 15.8 billion Euros) (DIN 2000).

The aim of the present analysis is to recalculate the economic benefits of standardization on the basis of current data. This new calculation is necessary because standardization in Germany has changed in many ways. Today about 80% of all standards published in Germany are of European or international origin. Furthermore, a number of studies have been published in other coun­ tries since the last study was carried out in 2000, and it is necessary to make all of their results comparable. The current study also makes use of new knowl­ edge regarding data structure.

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