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Handbook of Innovation and Standards


Edited by

  • Richard Hawkins, Professor, Department of Communication, Media and Film, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Knut Blind, Faculty of Economics and Management, Technische Universität Berlin and Innovation and Technology Transfer department, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS), Germany
  • Robert Page, University of Calgary, Canada

Innovation and standardization might seem polar opposites, but over many years various scholars have noted close connections between the two. This Handbook assembles a broad range of thinking on this subject, with contributions from several disciplinary perspectives by over 30 leading scholars and experienced practitioners. Collectively, they summarize and synthesize the existing body of knowledge – theory and evidence – pertaining to standards and innovation, and provide insights into how this knowledge can be useful to scholars, industrial strategists, policy-makers and standards practitioners.

‘This tour de force of a book will be the seminal reference for our understanding of standards and standardization in relation to innovation and markets. The editors are world leaders with regards to the standard–innovation nexus, and the team of contributors is an excellent mix of leading academics from different disciplines and practitioners. The breadth the volume covers is breathtaking, but all presented in a logical order, covering theory, evidence and practical insights both at the industry and market level. Too many volumes claim to be handbooks these days, but this one deserves the label indeed. And it can be used for teaching, for further research and for practical support in the jungle of standardization.’
– Jakob Edler, University of Manchester, UK

‘Standards play a significant role in innovation. New production and delivery processes must comply with changing environmental standards. Standard technical platforms enable the creation of new products, but health and trade standards can restrict innovation. Standards matter. This book brings together thinking that provides the reader with an entry to the subject for those new to it and a broader understanding for those engaged in it. It should be read by anyone working on innovation.’
– Fred Gault, UNU-MERIT, the Netherlands

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