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v.l. Michael Becker, Rüdiger Marquardt (Mitglied des DIN-Vorstandes)
Lupe [1]
v.l. Friedrich Lutz Schulte, Rüdiger Marquardt (Mitglied des DIN-Vorstandes)
Lupe [2]

Gleich zwei Abschlussarbeiten des Fachgebietes wurden im November 2015 mit DIN-Preisen in der Kategorie "Junge Wissenschaft" ausgezeichnet. Michael Becker beleuchtete in seiner Masterarbeit "Die Nutzung von Werknormen entlang der Wertschöpfungskette der Automobilindustrie". Friedrich Lutz Schulte ging in seiner Bachelorarbeit der Frage "Harmonisierte Normen - ein erfolgreicher Baustein der europäischen Ökodesignstrategie?" nach.

Lupe [3]

Anna Potekhina from Bosch Rexroth received the Steven Klepper Award for Best Young Scholar Paper 2015. She was honored for her paper on IPR in China and received the Prize by Dr. Francesco Rullani, member of the DRUID15 Organizing Committee, on the DRUID15 Conference in Rome [4]. More Information [5].

Lupe [6]

Brigitte Essoun [7], team assistant at the Chair of Innovation Economics and Microeconomics, received the prize "Wir sind TU Berlin", because of her outstanding commitment and dedication. The Award was given by the president of the Technische Universtität Berlin Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen within the New Year reception on the 16th January 2015. More information on the Homepage of the public relation office of TU Berlin [8]. More about Brigitte Essoun in this portrait of her (German) [9].

Lupe [10]

IPlytics [11] was awarded with the StarTUp label at the 7th [12] Alumni Angel Night [13] of the Technical University of Berlin. The event took place on 3rd Dezember 2014 in the center of the atrium of the University. More informations in our BLOG [14].

Lupe [15]

Dr. Julius Rauber [16] received the 'special prize science' by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN e.v.), on November the 6th. He was honored for his Dissertation in the field of Standardization, Patenting and Strategic Publishing. More information can be found on the webpage of German Institute for Standardization (DIN e.v.) [17].

Lupe [18]

On November the 7th, Dr. Kerstin Goluchowicz [19] and Anne-Marie Großmann [20] were honored by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN e.V.) for their work in the field of standardization. Dr. Kerstin Goluchowicz was awarded with the 'special prize science' and Anne-Marie received the award in the category 'young science'. For more information please click here [21]. 

Lupe [22]

On November the 29th, Sören Simon Petersen [23], fellow at the graduate school “Innovation Society Today” was honored with the “Jung Scholar Award” from the German Institute for Standardization for his work “The Interrelation of Patents and Standards in the Strategic Technology- and Innovation Management”. Mr. Petersen analyzed how companies can use patenting and formal standardization for their technology in innovation management. He showed that patenting and formal standardization can be regarded as complementary instruments and that the interrelation of both has become increasingly important. The award comes with 1.000 Euros prize money. More informations [24]

Lupe [25]

A few years ago, DIN introduced its special "Science" prize to supplement the "Young Science" competition. The "Science" prize is awarded to doctoral dissertations that deal with standardization in depth. On 20 June 2012 Dr. Stephan Gauch [26] was awarded this € 3,000 prize for his submitted dissertation about "Six essays on ICT standardization - Trends and perspectives on macro and micro level". More informations. [27]

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