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The transfer of knowledge and technology (TKT) from universities and other Public Research Organizations (PROs) to industry is a complex and extensive process of diffusion, that comprehends a large number of channels and that is enhanced by different mechanisms. The impetus of successful transfer may come from industry-science research cooperation, university spin-off, but also from patenting and licensing activities. After a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative assessment of national patent exploitation and TKT structures in general in the US, Japan and Israel we compare national systems and derive potential policy implications for Germany. A particular focus is on the behaviourial and organizational characteristics and the role of national Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) inside the the TKT. The project is run in close cooperation with

  • Trajtenberg, Manuel (Chairman National Economics Council, Prime Ministers Office, and Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel-Aviv, Israel) & Parizat, Shlomi (Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel-Aviv, Israel),
  • Walsh, John (Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, USA),
  • and Suzuki, Jun & Goto, Akira (both Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, Japan). 

Date of expiration: May 2008


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