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Dr. Annika Lorenz

Lupe [1]

Universiteit Utrecht

Academic Career

  • 2005-2008: Bachelor studies in business with focus on innovation management, international management and marketing at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • 2008-2010: Master studies in management and marketing at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Studies abroad at Bordeaux École de Management/France (2007) and at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/USA (2009)
  • Bachelor thesis with the topic: "Implications of fairness for young entrepreneurial teams"
  • Empirical Master thesis with the topic: "Acquisition vs. Alliance: The Impact of Hubris on Governance Choice"
  • Jan - May 2012: Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/USA
  • Mar - Sep 2013: Visiting Scholar at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • March 2014: Doctoral degree (PhD) with the topic "Unraveling the Paradox of External Knowledge Sourcing in an Era of Open Innovation, Appropriation, and Organizational Learning"
  • August 2014: Post-doctoral research fellow at Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium and guest researcher at Technical University Berlin

Professional Experience

  • Internships in the media industry: Television for the Environment, London (2005), Freistil Medien, Potsdam (2006) and TV.Berlin, Berlin (2006)
  • Student trainee in commercial & finance at Rolls-Royce Deutschland (2009, 2010)
  • Since March 2011: Research associate and PhD candidate at Chair of Innovation Economics

Research Interests

  • R&D cooperation
  • Companies' IP and technology strategies
  • Open innovation and intellectual property rights
  • Behavioral strategy

Working Paper

  • Once Bitten, Less Shy? - The Impact of Copying and Infringement Experiences on R&D Cooperation; joint work with Theresa Veer [2] [available at SSRN [3]], finalist for DRUID Young Scholar Paper Award 2012.
  • Determinants of Appropriation Strategies - A Three Step Guide to Bayesian Model Averaging; in Zusammenarbeit mit Knut Blind [4] und Bernd Ebersberger [available at SSRN [5]].
  • How open is too open? The 'dark side' of openness along the innovation value chain; in Zusammenarbeit mit Knut Blind [6] und Theresa Veer. [7]
  • Navigating the IP landscape - Exploring firms' usage of defensive strategies mit Deepak Somaya
  • Your fault or mine? The Impact of Organizational Learning from Product-related Failure on Innovation Strategy


  • DRUID Academy Winter Conference. ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY AND ORGANIZATIONS, Cambridge, UK, January 2012. www.druid.dk [8], Paper Presentation
  • Annual Searle Center Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Chicago, USA. June 2012. http://www.law.northwestern.edu/searlecenter/conference/entrepreneur, [9]Invited discussant
  • DRUID Society Summer Conference. INNOVATION and COMPETITIVENESS, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2012. www.druid.dk [10], Paper Presentation and Nominee for DRUID Young Scholar Award with "Once bitten, twice shy? - Learning from Experience in the Context of R&D Cooperation and Copying of IP [11]"
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, USA. August 2012. http://meeting.aomonline.org/2012/welcome [12], Participant TIM Doctoral Consortium
  • uk~irc Early Career Researcher Workshop, Cambridge, UK. September 2012. http://ukirc.ac.uk/newsandevents/events/article/?objid=5300 [13], Paper Presentation
  • Annual Conference of the EPIP Association. IP IN MOTION - OPENING UP IP? Leuven, Belgium. September 2012. http://www.epip.eu/conferences/epip07 [14], Paper Presentation
  • Israel Strategy Conference. Tel Aviv, Israel. December 2012. http://www.isc.org.il/2012/index.php [15], Paper Presentation
  • DRUID Academy Winter Conference. ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY AND ORGANIZATIONS, Aalborg, Denmark, January 2013. www.druid.dk [16], Paper Presentation
  • DRUID Celebration Conference. Barcelona, Spain, June 2013. www.druid.dk [17], Paper Presentation
  • EGOS Colloquium. Montréal, Canada, July 2013. www.egosnet.org [18], Paper Presentation
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Orlando, USA. August 2013. http://aom.org/Events/2013-Annual-Meeting-of-the-Academy-of-Management.aspx [19], Participant BPS Dissertation Consortium & Paper Presentation
  • SEI Doctoral Consortium 2013, London, UK. September 2013. http://wwwf.imperial.ac.uk/business-school/research/innovation-and-entrepreneurship/events/conferences/sei-doctoral-consortium-2013 [20], Paper Presentation
  • Strategic Management Society Conference, Atlanta, USA. September 2013. http://atlanta.strategicmanagement.net/index.php [21], Paper Presentation
  • Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference, Atlanta, USA. May 2014. http://acac.robinson.gsu.edu, [22] Participant RDW
  • DRUID Society Conference. Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2014. www.druid.dk [23], Participant PDW & Paper Presentation
  • International Schumpeter Society Conference, Jena, Germany. July 2014. http://www.schumpeter-conference.de [24], Paper Presentation
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA. August 2014, Paper Presentation


  • Innovation Economics SS 2011, WS 2011/12, SS 2012, WS 2013/14
  • Innovation Policy SS 2011, SS 2012, SS 2013
  • IP Management Seminar WS 2012/13
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer Seminar SS 2014

Dr. Annika Lorenz
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