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Infos about the degree thesis/thesis work

Are there any requirements for writing a thesis at the Chair of innovation economics?

All students can apply to write a thesis at the Chair. Most information and offered topics can be found on our website. It is also possible to submit your own topic proposals, although these can only be considered if there is sufficient capacity and a suitable supervisor.

Please always attach a transcript of records and CV to your request. Your research topic as well as background helps us to allocate you to a specific supervisor.


Can I want to write a thesis in cooperation with a company?

Yes, that is possible. The topic has to be of scientific interest. Please discuss the details with your potential supervisor.


Can I write a thesis abroad?

Yes, that is possible. However you have to ensure that you organize proper means of communication with your potential supervisor.


How do I find a topic for my thesis?

Topic proposals for your final thesis can be found on our website (see above). Please contact the respective supervisor responsible for the respective topic. These topics are usually linked to ongoing research and projects at the Chair. However, we ask you to already undertake background research before contacting the respective supervisor.

In addition, we do encourage you to come up with your own topic or ideas.

Finally, if you find the research fields of the people working at the Chair interesting, do not hesitate to contact the respective researcher directly. Usually, students submit a brief exposé of their planned research topic that can facilitate the allocation to a potential supervisor and be a basis for discussions and iteration during a first meeting.


How do I register a thesis and what do I have to bear in mind?

You register your thesis in person at the examinations office. After an initial assessment by the examination office, you must bring the registration form to our Chair. After deciding on the title of your thesis, your supervisor fills in the form and forwards the form to the respective administration unit. You will receive the confirmation of your registration by mail, including the fixed deadline.

As a rule, three firmly bound hard copies must be submitted to the examination office.

In case the examination office is closed, it is also possible to hand in the thesis at the gatekeeper of the main building or at the Campus Center. Always ask for a receipt. In addition, you must submit a digital version of your thesis (as a pdf file) either via E-Mail to Ms. Brigitte Essoun (brigitte.essoun@tu-berlin.de) or on a USB stick attached to your hard copies.


How does the process work when I want to write a thesis at the chair?

Students are closely supervised by us and gain insights into the scientific research work of the subject area. Most importantly, stay in touch with your supervisor. Prepare the meetings with your supervisor and collect your questions and inquiries.


Do I need to follow any guidelines?

The guide for the composition of scientific papers and theses at the Chair of Innovation Economics can be found on our website. Please follow these guidelines strictly and consult your supervisor if you have any specific questions.


Can I extend the processing time for my thesis?

If you are unable to complete your thesis within the time available, you can apply to the examination board for an one-off extension of the deadline (by up to 1.5 months). However, this is only possible in exceptional cases (e.g., sickness). Please consult the examination office in any cases to clarify the process for your specific case.


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